Reflect on how early sexual experiences impacted you

  1. Each student will complete and submit a paper that shares his or her sexual story/journey.


  1. Write the paper in a narrative format, not an outline format.


  1. Start with your earliest memory and develop specific, key experiences and situations that shaped who you are as a sexual person.


  1. As you develop your sexual history, relate which events you have struggled with and wish could have been different. It is not required address each item listed below; they are only provided to stimulate your thinking.


(1)  Consider those people, relationships and influences helped shape your attitudes/values about your body, masculinity/femininity and sex at various points of your development (elementary, high school, etc.).

(2)  Recall specific messages or incidents that created some of your attitudes, values and priorities.

(3)  Consider how sexuality was handled in your family of origin

(4)  Reflect on how early sexual experiences impacted you

(5)  Consider how particular incidents brought insight and growth and those that have provided woundedness

(6)  Consider any unfinished business that may need healing or further growth


  1. Connect your Journey to Your Future and/or Current Work as a Pastoral Counselor. It is critical that you address how your sexual journey will impact your role as a pastoral counselor. For example, what will it be like for you to work with certain problems (particularly those that are sexual in nature), how and whether you ask sexual questions, and how your story will help or hinder your work, etc.




  1. Format
  2. Length. There is no required length for this paper; however, you will be graded on how adequately you considered and explored your sexual journey and sexual self.  A general rule of thumb is that the body of the paper should not be less than eight (8) pages in length.


  1. Follow APA 6th edition in the formatting of your paper.
  2. No abstract is necessary.
  3. Use first person.
  4. Citations and sources are not needed, but if used cite and reference accurately.


This assignment will only benefits you, your future clients, and most importantly your relationship with God if you are willing to be courageously open in exploring your sexual self. Information in the questionnaire is confidential and will only be reviewed by the instructor for purposes of evaluating student performance on this assignment.


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