Reflection paper

You are required to write a reflection paper. The reflection should be written in the APA style of writing. The
paper should be at least six pages long. All artifacts and references should be added at the end of the paper. They
are not included in the six pages. Your paper should be typed and doubled spaced.
a. Reflective practitioners reflect on their practices as they relate to the following: research on teaching,
professional ethics, resources available for professional learning, professional decisions that they
make as they relate to students, families, and other professionals and seeking out opportunities to grow professionally.
Provide evidence that you are reflecting on what was mentioned above or are in the process
of moving in that direction. (Possible information to include when considering research on teaching and other resources available for professional learning: professional literature read in articles, books, class information; collaboration with colleagues at work, school, etc., attending meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, use of technology and how it helps with your professional development, a member of a professional organization, civic involvement, and volunteering, etc.; Possible information to include when considering decisions made when working with students, families, and other professionals: field experiences, work experiences-instructional decisions, parent conferences, reflection on teaching practices and revising practices, conferring with other educators, etc.; Possible information to include to demonstrate awareness of and commitment to the professional code of ethical conduct in education

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