Research and find a “source” from around the year 1996/1997 about women in the workforce.

Find a “source” from around the year 1996/1997 about women in the workforce. If you have a newspaper from that time or a magazine–any periodical will work as well so long as it is a well-known and reliable source. You will need to use a library and/or electronic databases to find the additional sources. COMPARE the topic to its significance today. The goal is to research that topic with current, credible sources. These sources should be produced within the last five years and you need quotes (wording taken directly from the source) from three of them–no more than four–plus at least one quote from the original source taken from 1996-1997. (Note the emphasis on “credible sources”) Avoid general sources like dictionaries or Wikepedia; rather, use sources from reputable publishers and authorities.

The paper should take the position on the topic that women should have just as many rights as men in the workplace and comparing women in the workforce during 1996/1997 to now. Is the topic important today, or is the topic non-existent? If so, why? What has caused the topic to appear again or to disappear? Will this topic always be an issue, or will it disappear some day? You need to quote at least four different sources in the essay, MLA FORMAT ONLY.

This is a comparison/contrast essay. Avoid a description or evaluation style.
Cite sources correctly. Use each source only once and quote the material directly. Less than 10% in paper
Do not use website sources or interviews. Find information in databases or books.
Make sure you have a clear introduction and conclusion with a defined thesis telling the reader your comparison and/or contrast.

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