Research paper (3-5 pages) on {Why was Mahatma Gandhi killed and by whom?} only the draft is due by this wednesday, the final one is due on 05/04

The paper should be 3 – 5 pages in length. The font must be 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced with default Microsoft Word margins (1.25’’ left and right). Please include page numbers and a cover page. You must cite your work using either the Chicago Manual of Style or MLA format, and include a bibliography. File format should be in either.docx or .doc (Microsoft Word). they simply make overgeneralized statements or are only reciting dates and facts. Appropriate alternatives might be: “The role of the government in America evolved over time and reflected changes and beliefs of the citizenry”; “Western philosophy was significant – but problematic – in Europe”; “Henry VIII made a series of decisions that led to problems for his subjects.”: It may appear to be basic information, but geography can play an important role in discussing your topic. Say you are comparing the American and French revolutions. It would be valuable to note the geographical variations that may affect these entities. Make sure the reader knows where you’re talking about.: Again, think about this in terms of providing context. Make sure you situate your topic in terms of its chronology. This is especially important as governments, rulers, and empires – and subsequent political trends, concepts, and ideas – have changed over time. What else was going on? Situate your argument in both time and space.: Literally, why is your topic important? Why should the reader care? Why is it significant enough to research? This is the most basic question historians and political scientists have to ask themselves when they set out to write a book, dissertation or article. In this research paper, . You need to convince your reader that your topic is worth talking about through strong arguments and evidence. 

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