More veterinary clinics and hospitals are now using computers
for day-to-day operations, and computer software companies
are continuously developing and upgrading programs for
use in veterinary medicine. Knowledge of computers and
computer software is becoming necessary for all hospital
staff: the receptionists, hospital and office managers, the
veterinarians, vet technicians, assistants, and kennel workers.
Computers and specialized veterinary management software
can improve efficiency by keeping up with inventory, printing
labels and certificates, accounting, storing patient files, and
so on.
You’ll research three (3) different brands of veterinary man-
agement software. Compare and contrast these brands and
write a research paper that includes, but isn’t limited to, the
following information:
1. Names of the three brands of software that you’ve chosen
and a brief description of each of them
1. Names of the three brands of software that you’ve chosen
and a brief description of each of them.
2. Information about the companies who make the software
3. Pros and cons of each software package—What does
each program do or not do?
4. How are technical-support issues handled?
5. Discuss what kind of contingency plan each company
has to handle system failure/recovery
6. Is installation of the server and other hardware
7. Are updates to software automatic or do they need to be
8. Include office functions, like reminders, accounting,
billing, inventory control, and so on
9. Is the system able to import lab results directly from the
laboratory into the medical record?
10. If describing a cloud-based software system, you’re still
required to provide all of the information above as it
relates to the cloud-based system.

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