Romeo and Juliet Meeting Scene Analysis

Write a five paragraph essay
Prompt: What is the message about love at first sight of the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet in the book, does Luhrhman\’s movie improve, reinforce, or weaken this message. Prove your thesis by using three of the following to prove your point.
Paragraph 1, Introduction: Hook, Thesis etc.
Paragraph 2: First Piece of Evidence, Detail + Analysis
Paragraph 3: Second Piece of Evidence, Detail + Analysis
Paragraph 4: Third Piece of Evidence, Detail + Analysis
Paragraph 5: Conclusion
Example Thesis (CAN use this in essay)
\”Shakespears message is that love at first sight is real. Luhrhman improves this message in the movie with __ prop, the __ music and Romeos __ costume along with Juliets __ costume
Make sure when giving evidence from the book to use page numbers

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