The assignment is to read  an edition of a Marxist newspaper and select one article that relates in some way to economic questions or situations and  an edition of a traditional newspaper (such as ) and select one article that relates in some way to economic questions or situations. The two articles need  be on the same topic. The student then writes a  of each article, followed by a  on each one. The summary should demonstrate that the student understood the article as written, without any evaluation or opinion whatsoever. The comment should then contain his/her reflection on the article’s content. The paper must follow the format demonstrated in sample included under \”Course Information\” exactly, including section headings. The S&C length should be  The student’s name, the course name, the number of the S&C, and the date must appear on the upper left hand corner of the first page of the assignment. It is recommended a Marxist newspaper, be used for this assignment. A PDF copy of that newspaper is attached.   Your summaries should be shorter, maybe just one paragraph and your comments significantly longer, at least 2 paragraphs. Your insights are more important than the summaries.

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