Secure response plan

This is team assignment, I only require the following: Write a 850- to 1,000-word paper detailing a security response plan based on the scenario and institutional descriptions provided. The plan should include threat assessment, staffing requirements, communications, evacuation plans….  Scenario:  The city government of Nessville has been notified by federal authorities of an impending security threat in the form of a pandemic viral flu that has already decimated other urban areas. There is a further notification that a fundamentalist religious group has taken the pandemic\’s progression as a sign of the \”end of the world\” and has actively organized domestic terrorist cells in opposition to government authority. In response, the city government has invoked a local emergency status that relies upon security personnel responsible.  *Team D: Private Correctional Facility  Private Correctional Facility – Built on the outskirts of town, this 650-bed medium security facility employs 400 total staff, including 200 security officers.   Format your paper with standard APA guidelines Provide three scholarly references and cite Less than 10% plagiarism acceptable

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