Select a particular drug population at risk and a drug of abuse.Discuss.

Select a particular drug population at risk and a drug of abuse and follow suggested outline below to discuss. Examples include (but are not limited to): women and methamphetamine, youth and marijuana, Native Americans and alcohol, men who identify as gay and methamphetamine, women who identify as lesbian and alcohol.

Suggested Outline for Paper:

I. Population description (who)

II. Substance of abuse description (what)

III. What is the main issue/problem that occurs with this population? Why is it an issue?

IV. Identify a screening tool you would use with this substance and with this population (how) (e.g. CAGE, AUDIT, CRAFFT, etc.)

V. Treatment modality suggestion (e.g., inpatient, outpatient, pharmacological, etc.)

VI. Evaluation of treatment: how is effective treatment evaluated with this population? (Hint: Review Chapter 32: The Process of Treatment)

Use headings as noted above
References cited (minimum of 5 references)
Five (5) pages of text (title and reference page do not count toward the 5 page requirement)

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