Select a well-known leader that you think exemplifies ethical leadership.

According to Kouzes and Posner (2007), the five practices of exemplary leadership are “model the way,” “inspire a shared vision,” “challenge the process,” “enable others to act,” and “encourage the heart.” The authors also note that leadership “is not about personality, it is about behavior.” While leadership is not about personality, it is about embodying characteristics that effectively carry out difficult and challenging responsibilities. For this Discussion, you examine the characteristics of a specific ethical leader.


Select a well-known leader that you think exemplifies ethical leadership. NOTE: You may NOT select John Lewis, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, or fictional characters.


Submit 150 – 500 word response: Due by Thursday 10/29/15. A brief description of the ethical leader you selected. Then describe at least three characteristics (e.g., personality traits, qualities, skills, etc.) the leader possesses that make him/her an ethical leader and explain why. Be specific and provide examples. Please put the name of the leader you selected in the first line of your post.

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