Senior Take Home Exam 140

Please answer each of the following four questions.
Your grade will depend in part on how well focused your
answer is so putting in a lot of discussion that isn\’t directly relevant will lower your
1. Apply the specificity principle to two international environmental issues of your
choice. Then explain the Coase approach and discuss an environmental or resource issue
where it could be usefully applied and one where it could not and explain why.
2. Discuss the major ways in which the problems involved with providing international
public goods, making cartels work, and conditions for economic sanctions to have strong
economic effects are similar and in what ways, if any, they are different.
3. Take an international economic policy issue of your choice and discuss to what extent
the major theories of international political economy covered in the first part of the course
do or do not help explain the choice of the policies adopted.
4. Take two international economic issues of your choice and using the concepts of power
discussed in the early part of the course analyze US power in each of these cases.

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