Short Research Argument

Out-of-Class Paper #3 Assignment: Short Research Argument

Paper Prompt:
The second paper assignment asked you to think about how one text shapes your reading of another text. This assignment asks you to continue to develop that skill, but to deepen it by bringing in outside research of your own. For your third paper, I’d like you to locate one or two scholarly journal articles that will serve as the “lens” through which you analyze your chosen work of literature. First, determine what significant issues are raised by your chosen work. Then choose one issue and explain how the scholarly articles shape your interpretation of the work of literature. For example, do they help you to understand the issues that the literature raises? Or, do they show that these issues are more complex than the literature would lead us to believe? Or, do they challenge the argument made in the piece of literature? Or, do they support that argument?

Any ONE story, poem or play on the syllabus (your choice).
Two scholarly journal articles that you’ll find through research

Your essay must meet these requirements:
Use scholarly sources that you find through research: Your paper’s grade will be reduced if you don’t use two scholarly sources. If you’re not sure if your source is OK to use, please ask me.
Make connections between texts: Your paper must connect your research to the piece of literature that you’re analyzing. Don’t just describe what your research sources say.
Use quotes from the piece of literature and from each scholarly source that you use.
Have a Works Cited page: Your final draft must include a Works Cited page in MLA style. The Works Cited page does not count toward the 4-5 full-page length requirement.
Turn in copies of your sources: You must submit copies of all of your secondary sources along with the final draft.

Final draft: 4-5 full pages (not including the Works Cited page), double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font.

I have attached the course schedule that has all of the readings on it.

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