Shouldn’t there be probable cause of criminal activity before a search or seizure can be made?

The Patriot Act was established to help the government to detect terrorists and terrorist activity. The Patriot Act grants the government and the law enforcement more power than what they already have. “Congress enacted the Patriot Act by overwhelming, bipartisan margins, arming law enforcement with new tools to detect and prevent terrorism” (The USA Patriot Act, N.D).

The Patriot Act does infringe on civil rights and liberties when the government thinks an individual might be affiliated with terrorist activities. This is violates the Fourth Amendment, which is supposed to “protect individuals “in their persons”, homes, documents, etc. against unreasonable searches and seizures without the issuance of a warrant and probable cause” (Khalil, 2005). The Patriot Act allows law enforcement to search a home or a business without a search warrant or permission from the owner. It allows the FBI to search telephone records, email records, and financial records without the consent of the owner or court order”(Limeberry, 2008). The Patriot Act does much to damage the Constitution and violate the rights of immigrants and American citizens. Shouldn’t there be probable cause of criminal activity before a search or seizure can be made? According to the Patriot Act, it seems that there is no need for any probable cause to be determined. Once the FBI determines a “type of terrorist criminal activity”, whether of terrorist form or not, they can search a home and seize anything in it. Granted, The Patriot Act may have made it easier for law enforcement to detect terrorist activity, but it is also worsening our civil rights and liberties

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