There will be a project in which you must incorporate material learned in class to solve a research problem. Listed below are the guidelines for the final project. (5 double-spaced pages). We will have a few SPSS workshops that will aid in your project completion. Create a mini project based on a topic of interest. I can give you a dataset to use. Your project should include at least three variables. Your paper should include the following components. You need to find and describe everything in the list by using the spss and then describing the results. a.  Purpose of the study b.  Research Questions c.  Hypothesis d.  Brief History of the expected relationship e.  Type of Analysis   i.  Descriptive Analysis   ii.  Inferential (T-test) f.  Be sure to include level of measurement g.  Results h.  Conclusions   I have the data in .sav which you can access via SPSSI will attach the classes that we covered to make sure what i want = 

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