Submit a memo with a proposal for a new writing task in the upper forms (HAVO or VWO).

Assignment 4: Memo with a Suggestion for a Writing Task You have been asked to submit a memo with a proposal for a new writing task in the upper forms (HAVO or VWO). After completing one evaluation of a current writing task in the upper forms, formulate a suggestion for a new task and defend your choices. The word lengths for each section are given to provide a rough estimate. In total, the memo should be approximately 1000 to 1500 words long. The memo has three parts: task review, school setting, and suggestion of a new task. Use the memo format and write the memo to your writing teacher at the HU. The format: A memo is used for in-company communication, and most are written by request. Memos do not require a salutation or a closing; do not use “Dear” at the start and “Regards” at the end in a memo. There is no formal way to close a memo. You simply stop writing at the point that you announced in the opening overview, and everyone should know you are finished. Here is the general format for opening of a memo: To: The audience (your writing teacher in this case) From: Your name (followed by a handwritten signature usually only of the first letter of your first and last name. Naturally, you cannot do this in a digital document unless you have a lot of computer savvy.) Date: The date like September 21, 2014
RE: The subject. “Suggestion for a new writing task” can work in this case. In the introduction, tell me that you will do the three parts as requested. Explain a little what will appear in each part so that the reader knows what is coming.

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