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Write an autobiography of your mathematical experiences. Take one topic in your experience which gave you trouble (it does not necessarily need to give you trouble now) and research it and elaborate on it. For example, “borrowing” when doing subtraction may have been difficult for you to learn. Research it and cast it in a new light – why do we just write a “1” by the number, what does it mean (think in terms of a place value system), and how does this differ from, say, subtracting clock time where there would be units of hours, minutes and seconds? Overall, the paper should be, first, biographical, and, second, a “research” paper.

The following should apply to your paper:

(1) Minimum of 5 pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins all around, not counting the title page nor any reference page you may need to include (see below).

(2) Include a title page with Title, Your Name, and BASV 314 (note: this cover page does not count toward your minimum of 5 pages)

(3) Use two of the following for different sources and references:

Printed Reference: This reference can be found on the Web, but should also be available in print (e.g., newspaper article, magazine article, research journal article, etc.)
Electronic Reference: This reference can be found on the Web, but is not necessarily something that would have to be available in print, although it may be one of the following: e.g., Website, e-article, list-serve, etc.
Interview: You interview someone else who is familiar with you. Your interview should focus on questions you ask the individual about yourself and your own experiences related to mathematics (in the past and present). It may be a good idea to write about 5 questions that you would like the person to address specifically to ensure your interview is relevant to your autobiography. You may use the interview (verbatim) in the paper and it may count up to 1 page towards your 5 pages. Text of the interviews should be single spaced in the statements with double spaces between statements of each individual.
(4) You need to follow MLA or APA style in writing your paper. The following is a very helpful online writing resource that many students have found to be user-friendly:

Purdue Owl Writing Lab: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/
(5) Include a complete reference list at the end of your paper using either MLA or APA format, but not both (note the reference list will not count toward your 5 pages).

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