TED TALK: How music lyrics has changed over time

My name is Jose Lopez and I was wondering if you can help me writing an essay of \”How music lyrics has changed over time\” in a TED TALk way. This unit we are learning TED talks as efficient source of information so our teacher as us to present a TED talk and write an essay about it. I choose the topic: \”How music lyrics has changed over time\” because for me It might have potential. So Im asking if you can write this essay about it in a TED talk way (Those speeches where they talk about technology, entertainment, and development). Try please to make it sound catchy to the audience so they can feel it, add some jokes please (doesn\’t have to be funny but it might be helpful adding humor), telescoping sentence,anecdotes(you don\’t have to use yours, you can make them out. and you can include some humor on it). Don\’t make it sound too serious. Its supposed to be having fun talking to an audience. 🙂 I attached the Prompt and the sources that might help explaining the topic and some research about how lyrics have changed mostly for bad now days; in the material section. and also down below

This Analysis of the Last 50 Years of Pop Music Reveals Just How Much America Has Changed

thank you again and I appreciate your time and help 🙂

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