The Civil War

 Each individual essay must be at least 750 words long and no longer than 1500 words maximum.
(note that word count includes only your actual essay – it does include citations, works cited
pages, headings, titles, or restatements of the original question).
 Essays must conform to the writing requirements as set out in the syllabus, the citations guide,
and other course guides and writing guides on Blackboard.
 Essays must contain citations. See the citation guide for required format
 Essay cannot rely only on the textbook. Student must use the primary source reader and required
 Essays must include the use of primary sources
o Answers must be: Double spaced, use Times New Roman font, and 12 pt type
o Provide the question number for each answer/response
I chose the following question:
The U.S Civil War proved to be one of the most destructive and bloody conflicts in American history.
The war pitted two massive armies against each other armed with new and deadly weapons produced by
the industrial revolution. In an essay, discuss the following: in what ways was the Civil War the first
“modern war?” What was the balance of power between the two combatants? In what ways did new
technology shape and impact the war? (Be sure to discuss specific examples of uses of new technology in
the war). Discuss the course of the war by discussing significant battles, different regions of fighting, and
military leadership for each side (hint: discuss the main Generals). Additionally, be sure to discuss in
detail the military turning points of the war. Lastly, discuss the ending of war in 1865 – be sure to
include: “Sherman’s March to the Sea” and the events of April 1865.

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