The Future of News Media

The paper is for Political Communication in the US

You have consumed a lot of content about political communication and its future throughout Political Communication. We have reached the end of the content. Now it’s your turn to use new media to share your vision of the future of media in America. Please create an essay explaining your view of the changing media environment.

Elements to include in your essay are:

1) What is good and bad in today’s media environment?

2) What trends do you think will continue over the next ten years?

3) What technological developments will change the media over the next ten years?

4) How different will journalism be over the next 20 years?

5) Will consumption, effects on citizens, or bias in the media change over the next 20 years?

6) What is your vision of what the media will look like in 20 years?

The essay should include all of the above elements. The essay should be at least four pages thoroughly discussing the topics above and providing proper citation of sources.

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