The Importance of Service Learning

Write a ten-paged research paper about the importance of service learning in improving student retention of course concepts. Discuss strategies, implementations, and outcomes from various research articles. You must include ten peer reviewed articles. Cite each of your sources using APA criteria. Include in-text citations in the APA format.

Here are a few sources I already found that may help:

Donahue, D. M., Fenner, D., & Mitchell, T. D. (2015). Picturing Service-Learning: Defining the Field, Setting Expectations, Shaping Learning. Journal Of Higher Education Outreach And Engagement, 19(4), 19-37.
Kyndt, E., Cascallar, E., & Dochy, F. (2012). Individual differences in working memory capacity and attention, and their relationship with students\’ approaches to learning. Higher Education, 64(3), 285-297.
Sanders, M. J., Van Oss, T., & McGeary, S. (2016). Analyzing Reflections in Service Learning to Promote Personal Growth and Community Self-Efficacy. Journal Of Experiential Education, 39(1), 73-88. doi:10.1177/1053825915608872
Yorio, P. L., & Feifei, Y. (2012). A Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Service-Learning on the Social, Personal, and Cognitive Outcomes of Learning. Academy Of Management Learning & Education, 11(1), 9-27. doi:10.5465/amle.2010.0072
Lester, S. W. (2015). Melding Service Learning and Leadership Skills Development. Journal Of Experiential Education, 38(3), 280-295.

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