The Influences of Digital Technology

In Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, he argues that our culture is stuck in “a continuous present.” We have lost our ability to plan for the future, Rushkoff suggests, because we are distracted by the now. In the four chapters that we covered in class, Rushkoff analyzes key sectors of our culture: pop culture, politics, journalism, and business, to name a few. In his view, nearly every area of our lives today is affected by the problem of “present shock.”
For your assignment, you’ll need to identify two specific, related claims that Rushkoff makes in his book and write a research essay that responds to those claims. For instance, he claims that the “CNN Effect” creates an approach to news that doesn’t allow for reflection. This is a claim – the idea that we don’t have time to reflect – that he returns to in each chapter of Present Shock. Later in the book, he suggests that businesses who use social media to communicate with clients might also be victims of “present shock.” He thinks corporations get caught in a feedback loop when they use social media incorrectly. His solution is for businesses to be truthful in their advertising. If they rely more on truth, Rushkoff argues, they will be more likely to encourage the type of positive communication that businesses need.
With the above examples in mind, your essay should attempt to evaluate his claims and the effectiveness of his solutions. You will need to use at least six scholarly sources to help you formulate your answer. This essay is not simply a presentation of your research. You will use your research to develop an informed response. The answers you arrive at most likely won’t be as simple as “Yes, he’s right,” or “No, he’s wrong.” As you can see in Rushkoff’s book, the answers to our problems often require nuance.

I am requesting you write about how rushkoff talks about the "CNN Effect" starting at pg 46 and also "Jerry Michalski – The brain" starting at pg 237 about how everything is related. i need sources not from google but something from the "Summon library" tool. Im pretty bad with writing so it doesn't have to be too advanced but still good.

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