The Life of a social caseworker

Entry one- Why I chose this project? 250 words
Entry 2- Consider how issues of community, government or individual responsibility, leadership, productivity, problem solving, work ethics, and or ambition might affect a social worker. 500 words
Entry 3- Why is this work important to me as well as to the larger community. 500 word
Entry 4- Why are these objectives important in social worker and the community. 500 word
Entry 5-6 (can be combined) Relate social work experience to the six American values: Liberty, Tolerance, Respect for Dissent, Self Reliance, and The Pursuit of Truth. 1000 words
Entry 7-8 Relate social worker to The American Family in a Time of Intense Culture Change and Contending Theories of Government and Economics. 1000 words
Entry 9: The struggles of Social workers as a majority women profession. The struggles with society, and how the American people see and feel about them. 300 word
Entry 10-Conclusion: 300 word count
I have provided some references that could be of some help.
\”Professions for women\” (1931) Virginia Woolf
\”Self-Reliance: Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Pursuit of Truth: Mortimer Adler
Respect for Dissent: Henry David Thoreau \”Civil Disobedience\”
Liberty: Thomas Paine/Common Sense 1776

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