Think Piece: Environmental Crisis – Is there an environmental crisis? If not, what is all the hype about and how do you reconcile your opinion with mainline scientific data? If so, what’s the solution? Is the free market capable of dealing with the proble

We Have An Environmental Crisis in Haiti,included many types of environmental issues, in On Jan. 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 killing more than 150,000 people and move more than to 1 million people. Due to these and other hard reasons, including sexual abuse and violence has taken a heavy charge on the mental health of the Haitian population. Men, women and children were reported stress and depressed after the earthquake. A lot of women have mental problem as it was reported many had been sexually abused in refugee house.Mental problem and illness within individuals is dangerous,people with mental issue can’t return to a normal state of health . The effects of psychological distress and impacts children, etc. It will much harder for these individuals to become employed, raise a right family into society without different,it will take the country much longer to recover and become resilient to future events.Another worrying after the earthquake was the governor, they not worrying about the people living in the country they increasing the debt of people, education the population increase communities from disasters and highly effective. Education is a tool, which is used for the development of building community recover. Haiti already had a high poverty rate and low intelligence rate, because more than half of the population was not well educated. not to many of educational institutes to begin with and after the earthquake most of school were destroyed. It is important to have more educate people in the country,children cannot go to school.The reports show that majority of the students only have a 6th grade education. Then children dont have the opportunity to attend public schools like USA most of the school are private schools, then in that case most of children have to find a nanny jobs to support the household. some Families send the girls to school. after the disaster the proverty is worst women were most likely to be affected. This is a result of not being educated, they are left alone with no help, other countries but the govervement dont care the only seing themselfm they let them deal with the situations. in other words hey are taken advantage. It is important to have well-educated people in a country by sending them to schools, after the disaster many children dont go to school. they only focused on finding basic necessities to survive.Another problem the earthquake causing is natural disasters.the problem of forestation such flooding . The earthquake serves as a big effect. It is important to understand the direct effects of the earthquake on environment of Haiti since it affects the citizens negatively. The lack of food Haiti is depends on Usa . the earthquakes caused many diseases including malaria, cholera and TB.Haiti took a hard hit from the earthquake, it was affected socially, economically, politically, environmentally and technologically. Although it suffered severe consequences if Haiti follows a well-developed recovery plan not only will the citizens be prepared for the next event but will become united and recover as a community.

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