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Travel and hospitality includes studying the patterns of travel, eco-tourism, medical, and educational tourism. Students are generally instructed to choose hospitality services for their dissertation writing. Selecting an apt topic for your dissertation is the foremost and the most intricate task.

Sample Travel Dissertation Topics

  • Hotel Brands and Customer Preferences
  • High Budget Hotels and Reaching up to Customer’s Expectations
  • Culture’s Impact on People’s Choice for Accommodation While Traveling
  • Determinants for Selection of Hotels by People for their Honeymoon
  • Contrasting Traits of Tourism in the West as opposed to Developing Parts of the World
  • Transformation of the Tourism Industry with the Advent of the Internet

Types of Tourism

Medical – The cost of medical treatment in developing countries is pretty devalued as compared to developed countries. As a result, more and more people are migrating to developing nations that have excellent infrastructural and hospitality facilities.

Hospitality – It simply means establishment of an amicable relationship with the visitors. It involves study of working style in hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. It is a brilliant topic from the point of view of dissertation writing.

Dark – Black or Dark tourism refers to touring destinations related to death, disasters, ailments and sufferings like battlefields, areas affected by natural calamities, etc.

Eco-tourism – It is associated with places that have a lot of ecological importance. They attract tourists regarding ecological concerns and heritage that gets them close to the environment.

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