Week 5 PHL 320 Group

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My log in is above. Click on the current class and then Click on Week 5. Scroll to bottom and click on group assignment that says RE-ORGANIZATION DECISION MAKING EVALUATION PAPER. Attached is the paper we did last week so you can use this as a reference when completing this. This all relates to mismanaged lay offs. Also below is my teams notes that you can use from our discussion this week to relate to paper. It can be no more than 750 words.
The Actual Assignment below.
Write a paper of no more than 750-words to include the following elements:
Select a recommendation from the two creative solutions identified in Week 4 for solving the problem.
Explain what business decision an organization should make based on the solution.
For the business decision chosen, explain the resources an organization would need to implement that decision and factors that might affect the implementation.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Team Correspondance.
My first recommendation would be to create internal or external teams to double check and make sure that all possible solutions to avoid a reduction in force have been investigated. If in fact they have make the announcement all at once, make sure everyone is hearing the same message and in that message be real! Explain all of the measures that have been taken to avoid the outcome – treat people like they are smart instead of “well they wouldn’t understand this” or “they don’t need to know” – you’ve just uprooted their live, I would think they have a right to know. If a severance is being provided, great but also provide them with the option to work out their remaining time while understanding that they will be looking for a job.

If a possible solution exists other than closing the doors or a mass layoff, again treat people with respect and explain how things are going to be. The worst thing that happens is that some of them leave and you may get to keep some of the ones that you were going to layoff. I would think that an outside firm is not financially an option but if it is I would strongly recommend having an outside firm come in to evaluate spending and where the company could cost save – if it is not an option, assign teams to make recommendations – you may get some creative ideas.

Whichever way it goes, be respectful to your employees – think and treat them the way you would want someone to treat you if the situation were reversed and most importantly be human – it is ok to show compassion.
The first solution was to temporarily cut down the numbers of hours in a work week for each employee.

I would recommend that a company would take a hard look at this early on in the process. If the company is projecting a significant drop financially, they may want to get ahead and start finding some cost-cutting measures, such as this. This will allow for less stress on the company and employees, if waiting until the company is in a financial crunch before acting. They should consider applying the cut back in hours to those who are either newer, or less tenured, and then those who contribute the least to the business. The main contributors need to stay on full time, in order to maintain some stability and success.

The other solution was to give severance packages that they can survive on while looking for employment elsewhere. This will be very helpful for those laid off and helps the company save face. If there is no other choice but to lay off, this would be highly recommended. If the company hopes to grow again at some point, and start attracting highly skilled employees, they want to make sure they take care of the ones they had to let go, as this reflects on how they handle their employees during tough times.

A company would need to pull all its resources, especially those in human resources, in order to make sure they are following business regulations in letting people go. The last thing a company wants to do is try to save money by laying people off, only to be sued for doing it in a way that is either unethical or
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