Week 6 Discussion – A Kraft Evaluation (Part II)

Week 6 Discussion – A Kraft Evaluation (Part II)Last week, each marketing team developed a new product for Kraft and then created a survey or focus group outline around that product. This week you become the Executive Team for Kraft. As a team, you will now review and critique one of the product ideas and research tools that was created last week by one of the marketing teams.The instructor will notify each team what research tool they will be reviewing. Your instructor will provide this information in the announcement area at the start of the week. Once you have the team name you have been assigned, please return to the Week 5 Discussion Forum entitled, \”What is Kraft \”krafting?\” to review the research tool created by this team. As you evaluate the research you will want to:Your team\’s response should offer clear, constructive feedback that would serve as future direction for the marketing team. Please limit your post to no more than two to three pages.  

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