It is in this section the marketing mix is approached in the areas of product/service, place, price and promotion. In many marketing plans this section can be very extensive. For purposes of this project, I would like you to limit each area to no more than two (2) paragraphs. Please list and describe the marketing mix in the following order: product/service, place, price and promotion. This is a recap or summary of what was included in Section B OR you may use this area to provide more detail about your product or service. This is where your target market can go to purchase your product/service (specific location (address), online (website address), telephone (phone number), direct mail (address), etc…) This is how much you are going to charge for your product/service. There may be a unit price, flat fee, hourly rate, insurance consideration, package pricing, etc…this will vary based on product/service. This is how you are going to communicate your product/service message to your target market. Please provide a minimum of three, but no more than five solid, realistic ideas you would implement to promote your product/service. As you identify which promotional vehicles you will use, put them under the appropriate promotional element (refer to page 435 of your textbook) and then briefly explain. If you have noted any promotional activities in your strategies or tactics, you would need to identify those in this section. Example:A press release would be developed and sent to all the local papers in the Chicago western suburbs. It would include information about .. For example, if you are going to place an ad in a newspaper, design the ad copy, or if you are going to do a mail campaign, develop the direct mail piece; or if you are going to do a press release, write the press release. If you decide to do a commercial or radio spot, please include the written copy (script) in your marketing plan. If you have the capabilities you can attach the commercial or radio spot for online viewing/hearing. If not, a written script would be fine. If you decide to create a website, I only need you to create the home page and what links would be on that page directing viewers to other parts of the website. I do not need you to create all the accompanying pages for that site. Please keep in mind, that whatever promotions you develop will need to be presented online as part of your visual online presentation. This means you may need to copy your promotion into your PowerPoint presentation or include a separate pdf file for viewing.Be sure to identify the location of your promotional ideas in your plan and explain what was created and for what purpose. THE PROMOTIONAL PIECE MUST BE COMPLETED AND HANDED IN AT THE TIME OF YOUR MARKTING PLAN POSTING DURING WEEK EIGHT. The instructor does NOT need to review the promotional piece; however, if it is complete at the same time sections E, F, G and H will be turned in then the instructor will gladly provide you with feedback. 

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