What are the consequences for failure to follow import and export regulations?

Evaluate the Affect of International Trade Regulations

You will evaluate the affect of international trade regulations as well as U.S. import/export regulations on your company’s business transactions. If your company trades goods or services with another country, there are laws that regulate the import and export of goods. Analyze the following regulatory issues that affect your company:

  • How do U.S. import and export laws affect your company?
  • Which departments play a role in imports and exports?
  • Are your imports subject to duties, free trade agreements, or other regulations?
  • Do your exports require licensing?
  • Are there any restrictions on your company’s imports or exports?
  • What are the consequences for failure to follow import and export regulations?
  • What is your company’s policy on compliance with U.S. import/export laws?
  • Make note of any pending regulations or laws that could affect your company in the future.

Now, analyze the following import/export requirements of the three countries you have selected:

  • Who is responsible for ensuring that your company and any overseas branches, divisions, subsidiaries, or other related parties comply with the regulations of each country?
  • What regulations affect the import and export of products for that country or countries?

Write a 3 -pages paper showing your research on trade regulations. Include links, references, and sources you have used and follow the proper guidelines for citing legal texts. Also provide a statement regarding which specific topics related to your research would be appropriate for inclusion in the International Business Law and Practices Guidelines document you are developing. Provide a rationale for your decisions.

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