What are the effects the mergers have on the employees of the organization?

For this portion of your course project, put yourself in the role of the Human Resource Manager for the chosen companies. There is so much going on during a merger, you will want to know what to expect, how to handle the unexpected, and how to handle the change.

In at least 2 pages, answer the following, using specific examples from your identified mergers:

  • What are the effects the mergers have on the employees of the organization?
  • How can you as the Human Resource Manager help make the transition a smooth one for your organization?
  • What are some processes or plans you would want to have in place before, during, and after the merger?
  • How will you keep open communication with your employees?

Your submitted assignment should include at least 3 references, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Be sure to cite your sources per APA formatting

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