What are the facts and Stats on Osteoporosis?

Each student will be required to research and write a paper on a topic related to a human disease. Which I have picked Osteoporosis. What is Osteoporosis? What kind of people have Osteoporosis? What are the Symptoms? What age does it range from? Do People with eating disorders have Osteoporosis? People who smoke, don’t eat healthy, don’t stay fit? What are same ways to prevent this? What is the treatment? Are there different types of Osteoporosis? Is there any vitamins that help with this? What are the facts and Stats on Osteoporosis? How many people currently are suffering from Osteoporosis? Is Osteoporosis Genetic? etc. The paper is to be a minimum of five pages double-spaced and typed. Only use cities soured form Org. Edu.

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