) What are the messages about urban schools that are being presented in the movie?

Part I: Hollywood Movie, Make a selection from the following Movie List. Any film selected that is not on the list requires prior instructor approval. Students are responsible for finding films from this list.
⦁ 1) Won’t Back Down

⦁ 2) Freedom Writers

⦁ 3) The Wire (season four only)

⦁ 4) Dangerous Minds

⦁ 5) Music of the Heart

⦁ 6) Stand and Deliver

⦁ 7)  “187”

After viewing the movie, respond in writing to each of the following questions. Your responses will be shared in class and turned in for credit. Use quotes and direct support/examples from the film and Rudolph’s reading to support your response to each question:
⦁ 1) What is the school related issue, i.e., themes, problems, etc?

⦁ 2) Who or what is identified as the “problem”? Who or what is identified as the solution?

⦁ 3) How are students depicted in the movie?

⦁ 4) How is race depicted in the movie?

⦁ 5) How is ethnicity portrayed?

⦁ 6) How is social class illustrated in the movie?

⦁ 7) How is gender depicted in the movie?

⦁ 8)  How are other depictions (e.g., special needs, sexual orientation, etc.) in the movie?

⦁ 9) What are the messages about urban schools that are being presented in the movie?

10) How is power defined in this movie? Who has the power? How and why? Who does not have the power? Does power shift in the movie? How and why?

Part II: Comparison Between Hollywood Film and Documentary Using Hollywood film from (Part I) and documentary from the list below, respond to each of the following questions. At a minimum, cite Rudolph and Ayers when answering question. You may use additional sources.
⦁ 1) What are the similarities and differences between the Hollywood movie and the urban education documentary? Take one scene from each to compare and contrast.

⦁ 2) What are the multiple perspectives and biases evident in both the movie and the film?

⦁ 3) What are the implications of these different forms of representation (stereotypes,
myths?) for shaping public opinion?

⦁ 4) What are implications of these different forms of representations for public policy?

⦁ 5) Whose “lens” is privileged and/or perceived as the “right” one in each? Provide
evidence to support this.

⦁ 6) Using all the knowledge that you have gained from this course create a better model
of urban education. Support your model with research.

⦁ 7) How can your model lead to change?

⦁ 8)  What could you do as a beginning educator or member of your community to
facilitate change in your local urban public school community?

Hollywood Film/Urban Education Documentary Combination Choices.
Make sure to chose the film that correspond in each column
Hollywood Film Title
Urban Education Documentary Title

Won’t Back Down

Children in America’s Schools
Freedom Writers American Teacher
The Wire (Season IV only)
American Teacher
Dangerous Minds Hard Times at Douglas High

Music of The Heart Boys of Baraka
Stand and Deliver Standardized
“187” Walk Out
Students are responsible for finding film
Some items can be found at the Cook Library

Part III: Urban Education Documentary Comparison
Waiting for Superman and Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman. Both documentaries are viewed and discussed in class. Prepare a written response to each of the following questions and submit them to the instructor:
⦁ What are the negative and positive implications for urban education based on the film?

⦁ What is your personal reaction to the documentary? What did you learn that surprised or
informed you? How has your perspective changed as a result?

⦁ Identify elements of positive classroom and school climate that stand out in both films.
Why are these important for teaching and learning?

⦁ What does this documentary identify as the key issues facing the school in this film?

⦁ How are schools, students, and communities depicted in this documentary?

⦁ What does the documentary offer as CAUSES and SOLUTIONS to the problems?

⦁ What are the larger connections to and implications for urban education? Identify
specific policies being address, and use outside research to document/support your opinion.

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