What are the most significant changes that have occurred in university policies and practices during the last five or six years?

e extent to which sexual assault is believed to be a problem on college campuses. What are the most significant changes that have occurred in university policies and practices during the last five or six years? Briefly describe the way in which the University at Albany now handles this type of allegation. Do you think that the policy is fair to all concerned? Policing and Law Enforcement 2. Public outrage following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and other minorities around the country have put a spotlight on the tension that often divides the police and the community. Using data wherever possible, identify the principle sources and extent of this mutual mistrust. You should then describe some of the ways that various communities are trying to address the problem. Of the initiatives that you studied, which one do you think is best? Be sure to take practical issues such as expense and ease of implementation into consideration when making your recommendation. Institutional Corrections 3. Discuss the challenges that mentally ill offenders pose for correctional administrators. Your discussion should first document the magnitude of the problem and the ways in which incarceration can impact the mentally ill. The paper should then focus on the ways in which the presence of mentally ill inmates affects other inmates, staff, and facility operations as a whole. What types of strategies have officials implemented in an effort to address these challenges? Which ones seem to make the most sense to you? Juvenile Justice 4. The juvenile justice system is not intended to be punitive. Rather, juveniles are supposed to receive care, treatment, and educational services consistent with the doctrine of parents patriae, i.e., the state as parent. All things considered, how successful has the juvenile justice system been in meeting this ideal? What, in your opinion, are the issues that most need to be addressed? Would it be better to transfer juveniles to the adult system where they will at least receive the full array of Constitutional rights?

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