What are the particular areas of concern, and which area do you feel should be your focus to start?

Analyze the communication environment that exists within BOLDFlash. What are the particular areas of concern, and which area do you feel should be your focus to start? Specifically, which area (internal business processes, product documentation, or technical service communication) do you feel is the most important to fix first? Why? Provide your reasoning. Here is the scenario : Scenario When promoted to the new vice president of BOLDFlash’s Mobile Division, specializing in high-tech storage components for electronic devices, Roger Cahill understood very clearly that his top priority was to get the struggling division back on track. As he started in on the job, he soon realized that problems with technical communications were a major cause of the division’s other problems. Rapid sales growth, reorganization of the division itself, the vast number of products, and the fast pace of new product development had all increased the challenges of effective communication between division teams and with suppliers, partners, and customers. As the just-hired director of technical communications for the Mobile Division, you must analyze the current state of technical communications within the company. In your first days on the job, you have learned that there are no formatting requirements or templates for internal product documentation or customer materials, that individual techs often develop such materials without any structure or guidance, and that the Technical Support team has received several hundred complaints about the complexity and, at times, inaccuracy of the instructions that accompany products. What is more, various departments within the division have cited difficulties in understanding the products and services BOLDFlash’s Mobile Division has to offer because of the extreme technical nature of the various products.

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