What components need to be included to enhance the success of a parent-teacher conference?

Scenario: You are the head E.C.E. teacher for the preschool room. It is time to set up parent conferences. You would like Mrs Howes  to attend the conference to discuss Johnny’s progress. Johnny is 3 years old and has just recently graduated to the preschool room. Johnny really enjoys creative art activities. You believe that it is his favorite part of the curriculum. On occasion, during pick up time you have noticed that Mrs. Howes has rolled her eyes, huffed and appeared uninterested in Johnny’s artwork.

In written format, students will provide an outline of completed documents that would be provided from start to finish for a parent conference. Students will describe in detail the location of the conference, the waiting room, resources provided (if any) and how they would prepare themselves for the conference. Students will also provide a summary including a minimum of 6 paragraphs of items that they would discuss with a parent during the conference. At least 6 paragraphs will outline, in dialogue format, the introduction and conclusion of the conference as well as the approach to answering the following questions:

1. “ All my son brings home from your class is scribbling.”

2. “Why doesn’t he draw pictures of people?”

3. “How do you get the children to make a picture that resembles


4. “What is the point of having art time, if all the children do is scribble?”

Paragraphs that do not support a dialogue format will result in a mark of zero.

Documents required for the implementation of a parent-teacher meeting that have been submitted but not completed will result in a mark of zero.

Conference Summary: Students will also include a summary of the conference outlining details such as 1. Why they feel a parent-teacher conference is important 2. What components need to be included to enhance the success of a parent-teacher conference and 3. Why they would include the required documents for the parent-teacher conference (5 marks).

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