What ideas do Western landscapes convey?

Comparative Essay: Eastern vs. Western Landscapes The Eastern landscape tradition is markedly different from that of the West. Eastern artists intended to evoke meditative contemplation through visual imagery using atmospheric perspective, placement, and asymmetry. Eastern works also stress a reverence for nature and often include calligraphy or even poems as part of the primary subject. What ideas do Western landscapes convey? For this assignment, we will choose one example each of paintings that represent the Eastern and Western landscape tradition. In our essay, we will compare and contrast each work’s individual similarities and differences and identify major contrasts in these two cultural approaches. For basic information on how to approach this comparative essay, visit the Module 5 Writing Skills page. Step 1: Research First, conduct basic research on Eastern and Western landscape paintings and create a list that includes least three major ways in which they differ. Then, using the ART 110 Research Guide sources or comparable sites, browse examples of both Eastern and Western landscape art and choose two examples that will allow you to write a fully-developed essay based on your three or more major points of comparison. Next, summarize the primary differences you will write about in one “thesis statement” that will appear as a sentence in your essay’s introduction. Note that not all Eastern and Western landscapes will make strong enough statements to support your thesis statement. Fo

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