What “impartial moral principles” is Bloom referencing?

analyze the following claim from Paul Bloom’s recent work, Just Babies. “The capacity for reason takes time to emerge, so the moral life of a baby is necessarily limited. A baby will possess inclinations and sentiments; he or she might be motivated to soothe another in pain or to feel angry at a cruel act or to favor someone who punishes a wrongdoer. But a lot is absent; most of all, the baby lacks a grasp of impartial moral principles – prohibitions or requirements that apply equally to everyone within a community (211).” The essay should be a scholarly analysis of this quote, in addition to a review or a critique of at least 2 of the major ethical theories found in our class textbook. What did you agree with? What did you disagree with? Explain and support your beliefs with citations from our textbook. What “impartial moral principles” is Bloom referencing? You are free to employ other database or scholarly internet articles.

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