What information does the Connection Test give you?

what their SSIDs are, and sometimes the directions of the individual access points.
There are many Wi-Fi analysis programs for mobile devices. Many have “stumbler” in their names in homage to one of the first examples, NetStumbler. This chapter looks at Wi-Fi Inspector from Xirrus, which runs on Microsoft Windows and which is available as a free download from Xirrus. A comparable Windows Widget that always remains on the desktop is also available from Xirrus.
Activities – Go to at least two locations. At each location, record the information in the networks window. Also, do a connection and speed test. Write a brief report and Make sure to intersperse your screen shots (use the Windows Snipping Tool) to capture what you learned about Wi-Fi service in the building, referring to the data you collected to answer the questions below:
Why is the radar window’s image of a radar scope misleading?
How would you locate an access point despite the limitations of the radar window? This will take one to two paragraphs. SSID, Signal level in either dBM or percentage network mode, default encryption, default authentication, vendor, BSSID, channel, frequency, network type, graph.
If there is a value of -44 dBm for signal strength. How good is this?
How can you sort the networks window?
What information does the Connection Test give you?
What information does the Speed Test give you?
What information does the Quality Test give you?
Xirrus Dropbox – In the drop box under assignment, turn in your answer via a pdf document with your last name and page number at the bottom-right of each page. Use an appropriate filename: yourlastname-xirrus.pdf (for example, Yorkman-xirrus.pdf).
This assignment is due November, 7, 2015 at Noon.

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