What is the current population estimates in the world and what is the estimated food consumed by that population?

Question one
What is the current population estimates in the world and what is the estimated food consumed by that population?

What are key stable food and how are they utilized?
Is there any deficit or surplus if? If yes, what are the causes?
What is the percentage of land that is dedicated to food producing crops in the world?
What is the impact of population growth on such land?
If the current population trend continues, what amount of land will be available for crop production in 50 years to come?
Will that land be able to feed the exploding population growth?
Is industrial agriculture a solution to these problem
How does the cultivation of one crop improve food production?
Can the cultivation of one crop be considered harmful is so in what can it be harmful?
Is constant reliance of antibiotics advisable to use in the food production?

Sustainable farming is considered as a good alternative. Will such farming sustain the ever growing population and what example of this kind of agriculture has been proven effective in feeding the population?
How the use of manure and compost does compare with the use of fertilizers?
What are the long term cost benefits of using compost manure?
What is the average number of tons produced in both kinds of farming when one acre of land is subjected to farming using each type?
How can the differences be addresses if they exist when one acre of land is subjected to both kinds of farming?
What alternatives should a farmer following sustainable agriculture do to reduce the use of antibiotics and are they practical and feasible?

What are the consequences of using industrial crops in our bodies and does this impact cause a worry to us?
Does the pesticides that get into our bodies enough reason to ban industrial agriculture, if not what are the obstacles preventing countries from adopting sustainable agriculture?
Are these obstacles manageable?
What role should government institution play in addressing such obstacles?
Are there any policies amendments that should be made?
What should these policies discourage or encourage?
Does the world need to double up for food production?
What are the key steps to take towards increasing food production?
Does the world needs to start using technology to increase food production?
If yes or no, then why?
Can the quality of depleted soil be restored?
What are some of the ways of restoring such soil
Is genetic engineering a solution to the ever growing demand for food?
What is the impact of genetic engineering on the environment and in our body system?

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