What management strategies did the leader of the team use?

You have learned about the challenges of managing in a team environment. Now, it is time to apply your knowledge to your real-world experiences.

  • Reflect upon a time when you were involved in a team project. (It could have been in your work environment such as your work department, or in a more personal capacity, such as a church group or a soccer or football team, etc.).
  • Write a report approximately two pages in length (approximately 500 words) that answers the questions listed below.
    1. The project/team: What was it? Who was involved? (10 marks)
    2. The goal: What was the goal of the team? How was the goal communicated? Was it commonly held among members of the team? (30 marks)
    3. Your role: What role did you take on? Why? Looking back, should you have taken on a different role? Explain your reasoning. (30 marks)
    4. Management and Motivation: What management strategies did the leader of the team use? Was it effective? How did the leader motivate the team? Did his or her strategies work for you? (30 mark

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