What mission does Socrates take on after his trip to the Oracle of Delphi?

What mission does Socrates take on after his trip to the Oracle of Delphi? What does he discover that disheartens him after proceeding with his mission? Why is this important? What is the Foundation Myth or the “magnificent myth?” What role does it serve in the Kallipolis? Why might it be considered controversial? What are the forms of government that are less and less similar to the Kallipolis? List the mechanism of each government’s decline. How does Machiavelli define human nature? What kinds of “constitutions” does Machiavelli talk about? Which are the best/worst? What kind did Rome have? Section B: Answer one question of your choice, 800-1200 words (approximately 2-3 pages) 50 points Compare/contrast Plato and Machiavelli’s ideal political systems. Who are the rulers? What are their characteristics? Explain Thrasymachus’ view of justice in the Republic. How does it compare/contrast to Machiavelli’s view of political virtù? Why do you think we bother reading The Republic, one of the “great books” of Western philosophy, when so much of it is impractical? Your chance for a little creativity: pick a political figure you are interested in and imagine how Plato and Machiavelli might advise him or her on a particular issue or problem

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