What Statistical techniques have been used to test the hypotheses

I would like you to critique the article that I have uploaded and the name of the article is “why are some subsidiaries of multinationals the source of novel practises while others are not? National, Corporate and Functional Influences”, by Tony Edwards, Rocio Sanchez-Mangas, Jacques Belanger and Anthony McDonnell. I would like you to talk about quantitative methods and analysis used in this research paper/journal article. Please include everything listed below. It has to be at least 1000 words and please make use of the tables 1, 2 and 3 wherever needed. I want the essay to follow this structure please. Quantitative Methods and Analysis (at least 1000 words) • Talk about the Hypotheses • What Study design and sampling frame has been used? There are 4 countries- did they use multi stage sampling- if they didn’t why not? • Measures – what variables were used such as Independent, Dependent and Control Variables? Were they appropriate for this study? • What Reliability and validity is there in the journal article? (Chrome Box alpha etc) • What Statistical techniques have been used to test the hypotheses; • Statistical analysis and findings – explain the correlations table and if it is strong/weak correlation. Explain what key statistics mean. Are there any unusual findings?

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