What was the philosophy of the IT department in developing IT solutions?

As part of your analysis, address the following questions: 1. Critical Success Factors. As you read the case study, note particular the approach used by the IT department in gaining buy-in and involvement of the healthcare community. What was the philosophy of the IT department in developing IT solutions? What worked, what did not, and why? 2. Tradeoffs. Discuss some of the trade-offs involved in managing health IT that are brought out in this case study. How could these trade-offs impact delivery of care? (i.e. why do they matter?) For example, centralization versus decentralization of IT management and support? Build versus buy decisions? Allowing physicians to override EMR workflow, alerts, or protocols in an EMR versus requiring clinicians to follow best practice or evidenced-based standards. What else did you note? 3. Discuss the issue of standardized procedures versus individual choice that comes up in this case (especially in CPOE). How did BIDMC handle this issue? How did they go about building consensus among clinicians on standards and practice?

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