Which Economic Development Policies Work?

Compare and Contrast the contents. 1) Trogen, Paul. Which Economic Development Policies Work? Determinants of State Per Capita Income. 2) Feiock, Richard. Development Policy Competition and Positive Sum Growth: Incentive Competition and it’s Alternatives. 3) Bronson, Allen and Robert Costelb. Accounting for State Economic Performance: A Time Series Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Limits of State Economic Policy. 4) Wilson, James: An Institutionalist Take on State Activism in Economic Development: A Theoretical System. – 5 Double-Spaced Pages and the references page ensure citation each paragraph – The main references are The 4 PDFs Trogen; Feiock; Bronsen and Costelb; Wilson which will be attached to my order after final writer chosen. – Refer to the below course textbook too whenever related. Richard Lehne, Government and Business: American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective. Third Edition Joseph E. Stiglitz, Economics of the Public Sector, Third Editio

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