(Which level of government was responsible for implementing the policy?

Policy Paper As part of the requirements of this class you will each be required to write a 10-12 page paper where you discuss a specific policy area using the policy process model discussed in class and in your textbook. The policy areas from which you may choose are listed below. Economic policy Energy policy Environmental policy Foreign policy Healthcare policy Tax policy Welfare Policy For each policy area, you will need to specify which particular element of the policy you plan to discuss. Your paper should include a discussion of the following elements (examples of some questions you may want to answer appear in parentheses beside the element): • An introduction to your policy. (What area does it pertain to? What’s the problem or issue? Why is it important?) • A discussion of how your policy made it onto the government’s agenda. (Who were the policy entrepreneurs? Was there a particular event that galvanized public support, etc.? What caused this policy issue to be chosen?) • The key factors in its formulation. (Were there hurdles? If so, what were they? What method of policy formulation was used?) • The specifics of its implementation. (Which level of government was responsible for implementing the policy? Why? What were your policy’s outputs?) • An evaluation of your policy. (Did your policy work? If not, why? Was it due to formulation or implementation problems? What were your policy’s impacts?) • Whether or not you feel a change in policy is necessary. (Should the policy be changed? Terminated? If so, why?)

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