Which personality traits would you consider to be the most important for a position as a management trainee?

Discussion Questions: 1. Most organizations provide a personality test that measures the five dimensions in the five-factor model. Which personality traits would you consider to be the most important for a position as a management trainee? Explain your response. 2. As managers, we like to think that all decisions are ethical decisions. Comment on this statement using the concepts of moral intensity and moral sensitivity. Provide an example of an ethical decision that managers make. 3. You have recently hired several university and college graduates. Most of the recently hired graduates are starting their first job and some of them have held part-time positions. They have knowledge of their respective jobs such as accounting, marketing concepts, and engineering but lack knowledge in the area of business practices. How would you strengthen and nurture the employees to help develop and maintain their psychological well being? 4. Employees often have situations where there are conflicts between you and your boss. How does understanding the elements of self concept, its complexity, consistency, and clarity may be useful in such a situation. 5. As a previous cultural diversity and management trainer for state employees, I often heard the statement that stereotypes assist us in working with others by being aware of what they are thinking. How would you respond to that remark and why? What stereotypes, if any are prevalent in your work environment? Reference: McShane, S. & Von Glinow, M. (2016). Organizational behavior. New York, NY: McGraw Hil

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