Which role would best help you become a successful change agent?

s a change agent, the consultant plays many roles, discovers problems and challenges, collects data, provides feedback to the client, and often assists with implementation. Broadly, the consultant’s role would be that of an expert, a pair-of-hands, and a collaborator. How a consultant handles responsibilities in these roles dramatically impacts the probability of a successful intervention.

Review your prescribed text and articles related to the roles of a consultant and review any experience you have had in the role of a change agent. Keeping these in mind, discuss the following:

  1. How would you differentiate between the roles of an expert, a pair-of-hands, and a collaborator?
  2. What do you perceive to be the accountability issues associated with each role?
  3. Which role would best help you become a successful change agent? Which role do you think you are best equipped to play? Give reasons for your choice.
  4. Assuming a consultant should be prepared to take up all the roles depending on a client’s needs, explain what you can do to improve your performance in

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