why must we now understand that traditional marriage =/= our highest ideal?

Kate Bolick, “All the Single Ladies”

P 1 why must we now understand that traditional marriage =/= our highest ideal?
What was the best thing about Allan, Bolick’s boyfriend with whom she broke up when she was 28?

Now that she is 39, what are her choices?

P2 How does Bolick describe what it’s like for women who have reached “the top of the staircase?”

P3 According to Stephani Coontz, how was marriage in America in the 1950’s different from what marriage had been for thousands of years?

P4 “For starters,” Bolick says, “we keep putting marriage off.” What does she mean?

Also, medical science is changing what we need to have children. Explain.

Gains of the women’s movement? Describe.

P5—“Deterioration of the male condition?” Describe. What class of men have been most hurt?

“When Gloria Steinem said, in the 1970s, “We’re becoming the men we wanted to marry,” I doubt even she realized the prescience of her words.” Explain.
P6 Gender crisis in the American South after the Civil War?
P8 “Capitalist men are pigs.” Explain.
P8 Bolick describes one annoying man after the next. Which character strikes you as the most annoying of all?
P9 Ralph Richard Banks says, “(T)he reality is that what’s happened to the black family is already beginning to happen to the white family.” Explain.
p11 How does the 80/20 rule contradict the picture of everybody having exciting social lives all the time?
P13 What % of adult Americans were single in 1950? In 1910?
P15-Hunter-gatherer societies’ focus on groups of men and women vs. agriculturally-based societies’ emphasis on the couple? Explain.

P16 “greedy marriage”—what does it mean?

P17 Mosuo people of southwest China—midnight trysts for autonomous people: how does this fit in to Bolick’s overall thesis? (17) How does it work?

P19 What is Bolick’s “mini-neo-single-sex residential hotel of two?”

11—The Begijnhof in Amstersdam: 106 apartments for single people (19-20)
17th century Childbirth

Alice Thornton writes that, “by the infinitt providence of God (she was) in great mercy delivered (of her child).” Were she not such a devout Christian, how might she feel that God’s role in her suffering was not so merciful?

Coverture as explained by Blackstone
According to this principle, husband and wife are considered to be one person. How is this arrangement not romantic, but a formula for depriving women of any independence whatsoever?
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “The Declaration of Sentiments”

1st paragraph: explain why Stanton deviates from Jefferson’s language (“people” vs. “portion of the family of man”)?

2nd paragraph: how does Stanton change Jefferson’s “unalienable rights?”

2nd paragraph: Jefferson says, “…it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.” What language does Stanton substitute? What is the difference between Jefferson’s and Stanton’s visions of revolution?

3rd paragraph: Both Jefferson and Stanton draw out a long list of grievances against a male figure. Jefferson writes: “He has…. He has… He has….” Stanton writes the same. To whom is Jefferson referring? To whom is Stanton referring?

Go back to 2nd paragraph: Both Jefferson and Stanton complain of “a long train of abuses.” How long have the abuses of which Jefferson complains been going on? Find specific language to support your answer. How long have the abuses of which Stanton complains been going on? Find specific language to support your answer?

In what sense is the injustice of which Stanton complains more harmful than the injustice of which Jefferson complains? Try to refer to language in the 2 texts. Your answer should compare the “long train of abuses” to which each author refers.

In what sense is the remedy that Stanton proposes more gentle than the remedy that Jefferson proposes? Your answer to this question should refer to your answer to Question #3.

Jefferson and Stanton each were mouthpieces for a revolution. In the short-term, whose revolution seemed greater? In the long term, whose revolution has been more profound? You cannot find the answer to this question in the text of either declaration. You must consult your own general knowledge.

RICKS, FIASCO, as reviewed by Michiko Kakutani in N.Y. Times (notice verb tenses)

Page #

2 (Ricks) reminds us that when it came to the threat posed by Mr. Hussein, the (Bush) administration consistently emphasized “‘worst-case scenarios’” even as it was ‘best-casing’ the subsequent cost and difficulty of occupying the country.” Paraphrase and explain.
3 Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki estimated that 200,000 to 300,000 troops would be necessary, after Saddam was defeated, to prevent an insurgency in Iraq. What counter-argument did Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld give?
4 L. Paul Bremer, appointed by Bush to be head of the American occupation, immediately disbanded the Iraqi army and fired every government official who had ever been a member of the Baath party. Explain, in your own words, how this contributed to the fiasco.

HERODOTUS, THE HISTORIES—Books 7-9, Second Persian Invasion of Greece
Book 7

Paragraph #

1-4 How does Xerxes come to power as king of Persia?
35 How does Xerxes punish the Hellespont?
35 How does Xerxes punish Pythius?
47 Artabanus: 2 serious problems Xerxes faces. What are they?
99 Who is Artemisia?
104 Demaritus is asked by Xerxes: will the Greeks fight? His answer?
109 How big is the lake at Pistyrus? What happens to the lake?
126 As Xerxes army marches from Thrace into Macedonia, what particular problem do their camels face?
132 Persians always demand earth and water? What does it mean?
140 First oracle advising the Athenians what to do: what does it say?
142 Second oracle to the Athenians: what does it say?
143 What is Themistocles’ interpretation of the 2nd oracle?
194 Sandoces: Describe his treatment by Darius.
201-233 Thermopylae: what is the Persian advantage? The Greek advantage?

Book 8

4 Greek heroism based on a series of bribes? Who is the chief briber?
67- Xerxes: should we meet the Greeks at sea? What does Artemisia say?
87- Artemesia @ Salamis. How does she escape the Greeks?
100 after the Persian defeat at Salamis, what does Mardonius propose to Xerxes?
102 Artemesia’s advice to Xerxes?
105-106 Tell the story of Hermotimus and Panionius.
111-112 Themistocles and the Aegean islanders? How does this story foreshadow the story that Thucidides will tell?
140-144 A new offer from Mardonius. How do the Athenians deal with it?
Book 9

5 After the Athenians stone Lycides, what do the Athenian women do?
37 Why does Mardonius hesitate to attack at Plataea?
71 At Plataea, why does Aristodamus fight so bravely?
80 How do the Aeginetans get rich after the battle of Plataea?
82 According to Pausanius, why was Xerxes stupid to attack Greece?
84 3 mass graves dug by the Spartiates (Spartans). Describe.
86-88 Treatment by Pausanius of his Boeotian prisoners. Describe.
107-113 Tell the story of Masistes and his problems with Xerxes.
116-121 Tell the story of Artayctes
123 Can you relate Cyrus’s belief that “soft lands produce soft men” to Pausanius’ reaction (#82) to the Persian feast prepared after the battle of Plataea?

THUCIDIDES, ON JUSTICE, POWER, AND HUMAN NATURE : Brief overview with focus on the Melian Dialogue

Paragraph #

Book 3
35-46 1 year into the war, Pericles makes a funeral oration. In your own words, how does this speech prefigure Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?
Book 4
68 The people of Plataea (the same city where the Greeks won their final major victory over Mardonius and the Persian Army that Xerxes had left to destroy all of Greece) have been besieged by the Spartans and have surrendered, on the condition that they may plead with the Spartans not to kill and/or enslave them. What one question do the Spartans ask them? When all the talking is over, what do the Spartans do to them?
84-116 The island of Melos (halfway between Athens and island of Crete) is an island whose inhabitants came originally from Sparta. They have tried to remain neutral in the Peloponnesian War, but in 416, the Athenians and their allies send 38 ships. What reasons do the Athenians give the Melians to surrender to them? What reasons do the Melians give for not surrendering? What happens in the end?

Book 8 An oligarchy is briefly established in Athens. Then the oligarchy is overturned and democracy is briefly restored. In 404, The Athenians surrender to Sparta and its allies. Athens, Sparta, and all of Greece, go into a slow decline. In your own words, why do you think this happens?

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