Why you hang a witch

Gender relations in the ancient world. Compare and contrast the status and treatment of women in two contemporary ancient cultures. Suggested pairs include Sumer/Ancient Egypt, Ancient India/Ancient China, Athens/Sparta, and Roman Empire/Germanic barbarians.
Empires. What is an empire? What are an empire’s major characteristics? Suggested empires include the Hittite Empire, the Assyrian Empire, the Persian Empire, Alexander’s Hellenistic empire, the Chinese empire, the empires of Chandragupta Maurya and the Roman empire.
Ancient views of history. Compare and contrast the ideas behind works of historians from different cultures, such as Herodotus, Sima Qian, Thuycidides, Livy, and Tacitus. How do their ideas of the way history works differ from one another?
Renaissances. What really is a renaissance? What differentiates between, say, the Carolingian Renaissance, the Italian Renaissance, and the Northern Renaissance? Are renaissances limited to Western history, or can they be found in other cultures throughout the world?

The paper should include the following elements:

A bibliography of primary and secondary sources consulted. For a paper of this length (2000-2500 words) you should be consulting a MINIMUM of FIVE secondary sources and THREE primary sources. NOTE: ENCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE SOURCES FOR A COLLEGE LEVEL PAPER. DO NOT USE THEM. DO NOT CITE THEM.

Notation indicating where and in what context you’re using the sources you’ve listed. History department standard notation follows the Chicago Manual of Style or Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers of Theses and Dissertations, but for this paper I’m willing to accept APA or MLA formats. I do, however, require you to be consistent in the way you cite your sources and that you are careful to cite your sources whenever and whenever you borrow ideas, words, phrases, etc., from other authors.

Standard expository composition format. You should have a short (not more than one paragraph in a paper this length) introduction and a short conclusion. You should spend most of your paper laying out your points and supporting them with evidence drawn from your primary and secondary sources.

I won't require that you follow the outline for writing essay answers that we will go over in class; you may find it helpful, or you may not. However, part of your grade will rest on how well you've followed the points I've listed above.

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