Write a 2- pages paper showing your research on international labor and employment issues.


Managing employee relations can often prove difficult on U.S. soil. The addition of the different laws, ethics, and culture can make management of international employment issues extremely complicated. Using the research from the discussion, interviews with your company’s human resources department, and other related research, prepare a paper outlining the employment laws, regulations, and practices related to your selected country in Module 1.

Consider how practices such as hiring, firing, benefits, labor standards, and various employment arrangements are regulated in each country. Compare the laws and practices of your selected country with what exists with your company. Which law applies? Analyze the extraterritorial impact of U.S. employment law.

Compare the benefits and disadvantages of using employees, independent contractors, foreign sales representatives, and distributors based on your company’s products/services and the foreign locations in which your company operates. Don’t forget to consider how employment issues are affected by culture, ethics, and

e-commerce. Make note of any pending regulations or laws that could affect your company in the future.

Write a 2- pages paper showing your research on international labor and employment issues. Include links, references, and sources you have used and follow the proper guidelines for citing legal texts. Also provide a statement regarding which specific topics related to your research would be appropriate for inclusion in the International Business Law and Practices Guidelines document you are developing. Provide a rationale for your decisions

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