Write a brief report (two-three pages double spaced) describing your company.


Choose a publically-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ and begin tracking the closing price of its stock.


Write a brief report (two-three pages double spaced) describing your company.  This report is due on the date listed on the assignment schedule in your syllabus.  ___________

General information can be obtained from library resources or from the internet.  Particularly, include the following details in your report:


  • how and when the company began (a brief history)
  • who started it
  • the company’s mission/vision/philosophy statement
  • significant awards the company has earned
  • any interesting events in its history
  • how many people the company employs
  • annual earnings or profits
  • legal issues the company is facing, if any


  • evidence of corporate social responsibility


Using MLA for the paper

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